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You might feel broken, but we are here to tell you there is nothing wrong with you.  With the right training and practices, you can stop surviving and start living again. We help you transform your deepest of struggles into your greatest strengths, and get back on the path to a great life. Join us.

Applications open for 2024

Warrior PATHH transformed me.  When I got here, I was very confused on who I was. The way the program is set up, took me through the past of who I was before I joined the military, through my military experience, and through my family. I learned how to understand why I felt the way I did and why I acted the way I did.  It taught me the right practices and how to use my powers in the right direction versus the wrong direction.”

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    Ryan York, US Army Veteran


  • A team of trained combat veterans and first responders lead participants through an intensive, immersive, seven-day in-person training, followed by 90 days of online training, support, and accountability.

  • Small group sizes of 6 - 8 Warriors who are on similar path, hold each other accountable plus one-to-one instructor/student ratios

  • Learn the natural skills, abilities and resources of Warriors and leverages our understanding of what was gained and lost in combat via the nation’s first non clinical program designed to cultivate and facilitate post traumatic growth

Warrior PATHH (Progressive and Alternative Training for Helping Heroes) is an intensive and immersive training program that enables Veterans to walk the road home from war and be as productive here as they were on the battlefield. Warrior PATHH honors the legacy of thousands of years of Warriors who returned home from war to do remarkable things in their communities.

 This ability to thrive and continue serving in the aftermath of war is not an accident or coincidence. Warrior PATHH is designed to harness the power of Veteran’s military training and combat experience to enable them to unlock their remarkable potential at home. Warrior PATHH is the nation’s first non-clinical program designed to cultivate and facilitate post-traumatic growth. A team of trained combat veterans and first responders lead participants through an intensive, immersive, seven-day in-person training, followed by 90 days of online training, support, and accountability. Participants can choose to continue their training for a total of 18 months in which participants learn, grow, and build relationships (optional). Warrior PATHH is designed by combat veterans for combat Veterans because life’s greatest teacher is, in fact, life. The program has harnessed the power of individual and collective times of deep struggle and profound strength and growth to develop this intensive and immersive training program.


Warrior PATHH is about unlocking the Veteran’s potential and enabling them to live the great lives that they deserve. If Veterans are taught to “struggle well” through their transition, we can empower them to be the next greatest generation. 


Research reveals substantial increases in developing and maintaining positive emotions (e.g., joy, inspiration, pride) while reducing negative emotions (e.g., guilt, irritability, nervousness). A unique aspect of the Warrior PATHH program is the emphasis on teaching Veterans to live well and how they can use their difficult life and combat experiences to thrive. Data reveals that, after completing the Warrior PATHH program, Veterans are better able to manage life’s many stressors and to foster healthier relationships.

The data also reflects the primary purpose of Warrior PATHH: to promote post-traumatic growth. Eighteen months after their retreat, Warrior PATHH participants showed sustained improvements in their mental health. Measurements indicated significant declines in suicidality (66%), PTSD (54%), depression (52%), drug abuse (44%), anxiety (41%), and sleep disturbances (39%). 

The preceding assessments are intended to evaluate participant/trainee growth and program effectiveness. The assessments are not administered or interpreted by licensed mental health care or medical professionals. The assessments are for informational/educational purposes only and are not used to diagnose any mental health or medical condition. You will not be provided your individual assessment results. Assessment results may be used for promotional purposes. Individual results may vary by person and are dependent on a number of factors.


GratitudeAmerica is proud to be a partner in the Avalon Action Alliance (link to AvalonActionAlliance.org), which is making the national scaling of the Warrior PATHH program possible. Warrior PATHH was developed by the Boulder Crest Foundation (link to BoulderCrest.org), the global leader in the development, study, delivery, and scale of Posttraumatic Growth-based programs. Warrior PATHH was developed in collaboration with Dr. Richard Tedeschi, the founder of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) and Executive Director of the Boulder Crest Institute, and Dr. Bret Moore, a twice-deployed Army psychologist, and Deputy Director of the Boulder Crest Institute.

Warrior PATHH is a peer-based training program that relies on a variety of educational and experiential activities for the purpose of teaching life skills, increasing community integration and involvement, and promoting physical, emotional, relational, financial, and spiritual health. Warrior PATHH is not an outpatient or residential clinical treatment program and does not offer any health care services including, but not limited to, use of licensed healthcare professionals in the delivery of programs or supervision of staff. Warrior PATHH does not involve the provision of health care of any kind including, but not limited to, individual, group, or family counseling or psychotherapy, pharmacological management, or medical interventions. Warrior PATHH is not offered as a substitute or replacement for health care services, which may be ongoing or needed at any time by program participants.

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